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              Spinning Sheep Fiber Farm


if you see something you'd like to purchase, just contact us.  We'll figure the shipping, e-mail you an invoice, and upon payment, get that shipped out to you-usually the next day.


Currently, lambing is occurring, and shearing in a couple of days (followed by fleece prep). 

PLUS, Donna's studio is in shambles due to remodeling.  dang contractors.

                              ..hey! wait a minute-that's me I'm talking about

If nothing else, I'm great at excuses.


Anyway, things should settle down soon, and she can resume spinning, dyeing, fiber art.  Things that make her soul sing.

Please check back occasionally.

Sorry for any inconvenience.



Handspun Merino

Hand-dyed, nightshade, emerald

88 yards, 2.7 oz., WPI  10

$20.00 plus shipping from 64040

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