Spinning Sheep Fiber Farm

We are Donna and Bob Putnam, recent refugees from urban life.  For each of us, the first 59 years had been spent in various large metropolitan areas, but in late 2013 we finally had the opportunity to escape.  We’d been assisting various farmer friends with odds and ends of chores, but owning and operating our own small farm became a dream and is now a wonderful experience.

Our days here are certainly busy, but there is a certain zen quality to farm chores that is very hard to explain; peaceful, and rewarding.  One of our goals, besides dropping our blood pressures, was to establish a top quality fiber flock.  Donna, being a fiber artist in her own right, settled on Finnsheep as our breeding population, but we’ve also included some non-breeding Wensleydale, Teaswater, and Alpaca for additional variety in our fleece offerings.

We are located between Holden and Kingsville Missouri on a 35 acre farm (a far cry from our 35’ x 100’ city lot), about an hour Southeast of Kansas City.

Meet the Staff






Image coming soon...........

even if it's the high school senior portrait




Resident Fiber Artist and Director of Breeding and Animal Health


Head of Pasture Management and General Maintenance


(Great Pyranese,

Anatolian, Akbash)

Head of Pasture Security 



(Great Pyranese, Anatolian)

Pasture Security


  (Huacaya Alpaca)

  Guard 'Paca





pretty much retired, but definitely in charge of the barn

GABE and HAVOC (yep, lives up to his name)

(both Border Collies)


Co-Chairs of Comedy Relief

have you ever tried to get

3 border collies to sit still for a family portrait? 

kinda like herding cats


(Border Collie)

Newest member of the troupe



(Border Collie)



Queen of the Dock

(and everything else)

Rest in Peace, Dear Friend


(Akbash Shepherd)


Rest in Peace


(Akbash Shepherd)


Rest in Peace