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              Spinning Sheep Fiber Farm

Wool and associated product

In addition to raising and selling sheep, we also have available raw fleece, roving and bats, hand-spun yarn, as well as Donna's exceptional felted artwork. We take great pride in the product we offer.  Below are some recent reviews.  


(regarding fleece)

Just got my mail today. Just opened the box. First thing I did was put it up to my nose and inhale deeply. Maria is beautiful. Just what I was hoping for.. so very black. Looking forward to blending her with the black mohair, which is on it's way now. If you have a list of buyers I would appreciate you putting me on it.  I would also like to know what others of Finn you have. Thank you so much. Maria is awesome. I will be getting more from you in the future when available.                              

C.B.,  Oregon


It’s even nicer than I expected, thank you!

K.A., Pennsylvania

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