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Finn (Finnish Landrace if you want to be precise) wool has come into its own after being overshadowed by the breed’s other excellent qualities. Hand-spinners, knitters felters, and weavers seek it out because of its soft hand and luster. The current price of Finnsheep wool reflects its rarity.

Finn wool comes in a variety of natural colors: white, black, brown, gray, fawn and spotted. Finnsheep fleeces have a soft hand and luster. It is the combination of these two traits that make Finn wool so special. Luster is usually only found in the long wooled breeds, which tend to be coarse. Finnsheep combine these two desirable traits into one fleece. Finnsheep fleece is much sought after by felters because of its fast felting quality and nice drape.

The American Wool Council grades Finnsheep wool in the fine end of the medium wool spectrum with a staple length of 3 to 6 inches. The yield may be of up to 40% higher than most other breeds’ fleeces due to the low levels of grease in the wool. Average micron counts of our sheep range from 21 to 27 microns.


if you see something you'd like to purchase, just contact us.  We'll figure the shipping, e-mail you an invoice, and upon payment, get that shipped out to you-usually the next day.

Sweet Boy is a giant, white, cuddly Finnsheep wether who took good care of his wool this year, wearing his coat to keep out the VM. This bright white fleece has lots of curl and shine. We don’t keep many white Finns, but Sweet Boy is such a lover that we had to keep him. His soft, crimpy fleece washes up to a nice, bright white and will be a dream to spin. Staple length is 5”. Fleece weighs 4 lbs., heavily skirted. $120 plus shipping from 64040.

Sweet Boy '24_edited.jpg

This lovely dark gray fleece is compliments of Beet.  Beet lives his life, peacefully munching grass and graciously accepting scratches.  This sweet wether has produced a fleece of wonderful softness.  Beet was coated during the hay season, so there is minimal VM in his fleece.  His crimpy to wavy locks have a staple of 5”.  After heavy skirting, this fleece weighs in at 4 lb 3 oz.  Beautiful Beet is $125 plus shipping  

UPDATE: 1/2 of Beet's fleece has been sold.  The remaining 2# is still available.

$60+ shipping from 64040

Poppy created a delightful fleece this year. Although too small for breeding, this ewe is just right for wool production. Her fine, black badger fleece is shades of gray to black. Sweet Poppy is a gentle soul, and her personality is reflected in the quality of her wool. Her fleece is quite soft and crimpy. The black badger colors range from silver to black, with different grays in between. She kept her coat on during hay season, so has minimal VM on her wool. Poppy’s fleece has a 5.5” staple and is 4 lbs 3 oz. Price is $125 plus shipping from 64040.

This fleece is from a beautiful Finnsheep named Melanie.  She spends her entire year growing her long, soft, crimpy fleece.  Melanie is a peaceful sheep with a loving personality.  She is always up for cuddles.  This is a fleece you will want to cuddle up with.  Crimpy, soft, and shiny, this black badger fleece has plenty of color, from silver to black.  Staple length is 5.5-7”.  Weight is 3 lb 7 oz.  $120 plus shipping from 64040.

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Finnsheep come in a delightful variety of colors. This wonderful dark gray to black fleece is from Amoretto. She is a big girl, but produces a surprisingly small fleece. Amoretto appears to put all of her energy into producing a extra soft wool. Like all the sheep, she kept her coat on all winter, so there is minimal VM and the fleece has been heavily skirted. This fleece is 2 lb 13 oz with staple length of 5-6" and can be yours for $75 plus shipping from 64040.


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