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Naked Ladies

We are a month away from lambing. This means it is time for the mamas to get sheared by our outstanding shearers of Right Choice Shearing! There are lots of benefits to shearing the ewes before lambing. Shearing allows the lambs to better find the teats, not mistaking dags, tags, and dirty bits of wool as food sources. Being naked also encourages the ewes to come into the warm barn to have their lambs. Shearing a month before lambing is also much more comfortable for the ewes. They are not nearly as round as they will be later, so it is easier on them now. Once they lamb, their skin will be loose, which makes it a challenge to shear. Removing the wool before they lamb keeps the wool nicer for all those handspinners and felters who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of new fleece. So, naked ladies it is!


The girls



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